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You'll see concrete at a whole new curve...
You'll see concrete at a whole new curve...

New Install

New Installation consist of laying concrete for new and / or existing homes. The concrete industry has rapidly developed and the choices have expanded to include a multitude of decorative concrete designs. While standard gray concrete is still an option and most often installed, today the concrete business offers more choices and opportunities.

If you already have a driveway, but have problems such as... water pitching towards house, cracks, chipping or just want to expand ...we are here to solve your problem. CCD will remove and replace concrete or apply to existing driveways.

Machinery used

Power Buggy

Power Buggy is used so the concrete truck does not interfere or ruin foundation, landscape and lawn. Also works well to get concrete in those hard to reach areas.


Bobcat comes into play when removing existing concrete, excavation and grading.


Compacts gravel for solid concrete base.

Concrete forms

Concrete Forms make any shapes to fit your needs or desires.

A typical concrete slab consists of 4" of compacted gravel base, with reinforcements-
such as 6"x 6" wire mesh, fiber mesh and rebar.
4" of 4000 psi concrete.

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