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You'll see concrete at a whole new curve...
You'll see concrete at a whole new curve...


BRICKFORM Whether you want the look of Granite, Blue Stone, Old English Cobblestone, Mexican Tile, or Pavers, BRICKFORM offers an array of texture mats that simulate a broad range of natural stone materials. Achieving these beautiful impressions with BRICKFORM precision tools provides an end result that is affordable and often easier to work with than natural materials.

London Cobble

FM-540 S/O
17" x 29.75" (43.18 x 75.56 cm) Blue
A traditional lightly textured cobblestone pattern
Strip, FM-560 S/O
5.75" x 28.625" (14.605 x 72.71 cm) Blue
A lightly textured cobblestone pattern in a single strip

Cheshire Cobble

(Smooth Grout), FM-525
20.5" x 46" (52.07 x 116.84 cm) Red
A traditional cobblestone pattern with smooth, ungrouted joints

Large Cobble

28.125" x 33.375" (71.43 x 84.77 cm)
Larger rough-cut cobblestones

Random Stone

29.125" x 29.125"
(73.97 x 73.97 cm) Red, Yellow and Blue
Heavily textured random fi eldstones

Large Random Stone

36" x 36"
(91.44 x 91.44 cm) Yellow and Blue
Similar to Random Stone but 40% larger

Patio Stone

FM-1295 S/O
36.5" x 36.5"
(92.71 x 92.71 cm) Red
A roughly textured arrangement of random stones

24" x 24" Yucatan Stone

FM-1100 S/O
24" x 24" (60.96 x 60.96 cm) Blue
A single square of rough Yucatan stone texture
4" x 8" Cut Stone Border, FM-1225
8.375 x 33.5 (21.27 x 85.09 cm) Red
A border of slate rectangles laid side-by-side

HINT! Matching thin mats "floppies" are available for all BRICKFORM Texture Mats

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