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You'll see concrete at a whole new curve...
You'll see concrete at a whole new curve...


Exposed border

3/8" colorful pebbles are placed in the concrete at the plant or "seeded" into the concrete at the jobsite. At the right time during the finishing operation, the top layer of the cement paste is washed off the surface leaving the tops of the pebbles exposed.

Colored border

A wide variety of colors are available , Colors are often chosen to match stone or other elements around the home. Colors are often combined with stamped concrete. Concrete colors are either added to the concrete at the ready mix plant, or "dusted on" at the project site.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete is placed, with the color integral in the mix or "dusted on" at the job, then stamped. A wide variety of patterns are available to emulate bricks, stones, pavers, or flagstone.

Hollywood finish

Smooth around sides and broomed in the middle.

Broom finish

Cross hatch look and feel

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